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Wallpaper Engine is a tool for Windows, Mac, Linux that allows you to create custom image for your desktop, mobile, or browser. It is a free, open-source application that can to create custom picturess of any size or style. Software product Wallpaper Engine free download application is an innovative tool for creating beautiful images for your phone. Once you install the application, it will ask for your phone type. If you are not sure, it will ask for your android version. After that, you will see a list of different pictures. You can go to different categories by clicking on one of them. For instance, you can go to Nature category, see different types of nature images. You can adjust the wallpaper size by clicking on the + or - button. You can also adjust image color. If you are not satisfied, you can click on the "New Wallpaper" button to create your own wallpaper.


Application Wallpaper Engine download PC is a tool that can be used on Mac, Windows, Linux. Interface is simple, easy to navigate. Program has a list of templates on left that can be chosen to create a picture. There are templates for mobile, browser, desktop. Templates are labeled with the type of device on which they are for. The application contains a 3D theme, is designed as an interactive wallpaper creator. Appcontains a library of pre-built images and a gallery of user-generated images. App contains a variety of interactive functions such as, night and day cycles, a weather system. App can be used to create and share customisable and dynamic desktop backgrounds.


You can choose from templates which are labeled by type of device they are for. App is easy to navigate and is user friendly.  Application free Wallpaper Engine is a desktop application that enables you create, share custom images for your desktop background. Application Wallpaper Engine PC includes timeline, a timeline editor  can be used to make animations for your custom pictures. Program is very easy to use, does not take a very long time to learn the basics.


Application download Wallpaper Engine free is an application that can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux, to create custom imagess of any size or style. App is free, open-source, and easy to use. It is simple to navigate and user friendly. Software product Windows Wallpaper Engine is desktop application that enables you to create and share custom imagess for your desktop background. Program includes a variety of features, such as a grid which can be used to design your own picture, and a variety of different filters and effects which can be applied to your images. Application includes a timeline and a timeline editor which can be used to create animations for your custom images. Program is very functional and provides a wide variety of different tools and features which can be used to create perfect picture.


Wallpaper Engine is an open-source software product for Windows, Mac, and Linux that can be used to create custom images of any size or style. Application is free and easy to navigate.


  • Why does my wallpaper not update?
    This is likely due to incompatible or outdated drivers. Updating your drivers may resolve the issue.
  • I am having problems with installing Wallpaper Engine laptop.
    Is a portable software product and does not require installation. Please see manual for more information.
  • Where can I find more pictures?
    Is a community-driven app and we recommend checking out the "Pictures" section of forum. If you're looking for just a few great pictures to use as your picture, you can also check out "Top Rated" section.


Wallpaper Engine free app is a Windows application that allows users to create their own live image. Interface is user friendly with drag and drop options which are easy to use. Application is easy to use with drag and drop options. Application is free with limited features. Paid version has extra features, which are limited to time of trial. Software product Wallpaper Engine desktop app that can used to create and share custom wallpapers for your desktop background. Program has a simple interface, can be used by both photographers and graphic designers, offers a variety of different features, offers a lot of different tools for designing your own image. Company offers very responsive and helpful support via email or via an online forum.

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